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Stan LePard Music


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stanlepardmusic [at] gmail [dot] com


“It was a pleasure to work with Stan on the Destiny soundtrack. He contributed some really great stuff and helped us work miracles in a very short amount of time.”  C Paul Johnson, Audio Director and Composer, Bungie Studios.

“I’ve worked with Stan for many years now on several Halo music projects. I love his orchestrations, arrangements, and compositions. You should work with him.”  Top qualities: “Great Results, Expert, Creative” Marty O’Donnell, Owner and Audio Director, Highwire Games.

“Stan orchestrated and arranged recording sessions for PopCap on Peggle 2, and composed content as well. He did a fantastic job throughout the project, was easy to work with, and helped us to get the product we wanted. We had confidence with Stan that recording sessions would go smoothly, and associated details would be taken care of. He brought great creative ideas to the table, was flexible, and was a super solid outsourcing partner. I recommend him highly and look forward to working with him again.”  Jaclyn Shumate, Audio Director, Microsoft.

“Stan writes surprising and pleasing music. The textures and themes in Stan’s music are highly entertaining and offer something new after many many listenings. He always delivers what I asked for yet often surprises me with something I didn’t know I wanted. Stan is careful to ensure he clearly understands a job, honest enough to offer opinions on successful musical solutions and just as happy to work with initial ideas as he is to rework from feedback. Stan draws on a wide background of musical exploration and produces excellent top notch music. There is no risk in hiring this guy.”  Joe Zajonc, Audio Director, GameHouse.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Stan a number of times on music for Guild Wars 2. Stan wrote some additional music for a handful of content updates in the months following the launch of the game. He has also been invaluable in helping me with orchestration, score printing/prep, and general recording session assistance on several sessions as we transition the music in the game from virtual to live orchestra. Beyond his professional help, he has been a great sounding board for me when I’m looking for advice on my own compositions, as well as just a good guy to hang out with. I highly recommend Stan if you have any musical needs for your game.”  Maclaine Diemer, Music Director, Arenanet.

“I’ve worked with Stan on five projects over the past six years, and have been extremely happy with the results every time. He is an excellent orchestrator and composer, and his professionalism and good humor are a real pleasure to be around. I would recommend him in either role without hesitation.”  Top qualities: “Great Results, Personable, High Integrity” – Stephen Rippy, Audio Director, Zynga.

“Stated simply, Stan is flat-out amazing at what he does. He orchestrated the material I composed for Age of Mythology: The Titans; Age of Empires III; and Halo Wars. With his knowledge of many different styles and genres, his ability to internalize my compositional goals, and his engaging demeanor, he helped make my music more than it could have been without his influence. I’ve grown as a musician for knowing him and I look forward to an opportunity to work with him again in the future.”  Top qualities: “Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”  Kevin McMullan, Audio Lead, Ensemble Studios.

“Stan is an exceptionally talented composer and orchestrator and I would recommend him without  reservation to anyone in need of great music for their project. Creative, well-organized and always on time, Stan delivers the goods and is a pleasure to work with.”  Top qualities: “Great Results, Personable, Creative”  Jerry Schroeder, Director of Audio, Sony Online Entertainment.

“I contracted Stan to write some music for some video games at a big name studio in 2004. We had a tight schedule and a very picky team. Stan delivered on time with excellent compositions that everyone liked. I would work with Stan again in the future!”  Top qualities: “Great Results, On Time, Creative”  Heather Sowards, Producer, Sony Online Entertainment.

“Stan is an industry veteran producing audio content for interactive media field for more than anyone I’ve come in contact with. He’s a truly creative person who I can trust to get the job done on time and on budget. I have had many of our clients repeatedly request to work with Stan. I would recommend Stan for any sound design or music composition projects at any scale.”  Top qualities: “Great Results, High Integrity, Creative”  Ken Kato, Audio Production Director, Microsoft Game Studios.

“Stan has provided excellent results for me on a variety of diverse projects. His deliveries are always prompt, and has proven flexible when project needs change.”  Top qualities: “Great Results, On Time, Creative”  David Henry, Audio Director, Microsoft.

“I have hired Stan to work on a wide range of projects: original compositions, voice-over recordings, and managing production and compression projects with thousands of files. I have always been impressed with his creativity and attention to detail. Working with Stan is a joy. He has bandwidth, flexibility, and, of course, musicality.”  Top qualities: “Personable, Good Value, Creative”  Kathy Henwood, Content Project Manager, Microsoft.

“I have hired Stan as orchestrator on most of my projects that required live recording sessions. He always handles my music with great care and attention to detail. He is also invaluable as a co-producer at the recording sessions. I highly recommend him.”  Top qualities: “Great Results, Personable, High Integrity”  Duane Decker, Composer, DDMusic.

“I’ve worked with Stan on many big-budget video games and recording/mixing sessions. He is always very organized and easy to work with, even in high-pressure situations or when putting in long hours to meet deadlines. He has a unique set of skills that covers everything from managing complex projects and budgets, to orchestrating and writing music, to working with artists in the studio to get good performances. He is also a nice guy!”  Josh Evans, Audio Engineer, Studio X.

stanlepardmusic [at] gmail [dot] com