Conducting at Abbey Road.

Conducting at Abbey Road Studios. London, 2013.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Stan LePard began studying piano and writing original music at the age of 15. Within two years, he was performing professionally on keyboards, saxophone, flute and occasionally vocals.  During those early formative years, he performed many different styles of popular music, including funk, rock, jazz, blues, salsa, reggae, country western and western swing.

He graduated in 1980 with a Bachelor of Music Composition degree from Eastern Washington University, and in 1984 with a Master of Music in Jazz Education degree from University of North Texas. After graduating, he continued to perform in and write songs for bands playing original music in the Dallas area while also becoming more active as a composer for broadcast media, film, home video, corporate videos and museum installations.  During this period, his interests began to focus more on technology-based music styles such as electronic dance music and hip hop.

In 1994, he moved to Seattle and began creating music for interactive media.  He has since ridden the waves of several digital delivery platforms including CD-ROMs, websites targeting 56k modems, DVD-ROMs, game consoles and now mobile devices and web based Flash games.  As production values in each cycle rise, he has gained considerable experience working with orchestras, choirs and other musicians.  Stan has currently contributed music to over 300 interactive media products.

Stan continues to specialize in linear and adaptive music for interactive media while occasionally producing music for linear media.  His music has subsequently been heard by millions in such diverse formats as video games, “edutainment” interactive media, operating system software, web sites and broadcast media.  He also frequently collaborates with other composers as a co-writer, an orchestrator and a co-producer of orchestral recording sessions.

Stan currently lives and works in Seattle, and occasionally he still finds the time to get together with friends to play music just for fun.